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Coolest Homemade Alice and The Brady Bunch Costume Idea

There’s a story of a lovely lady! Growing up I loved The Brady Bunch, so for Halloween I wanted to be Alice & the rest of the Brady’s!

For this homemade Alice and The Brady Bunch costume idea, my mom handmade my Alice uniform and I found a great wig that I was able to restyle, add some grays and put in that classic twist/bun she wore! I really ended up looking like her, it’s amazing how that blue & white uniform really reminds people of Alice!

My brother constructed the frame out of wood, pvc piping and special blue plastic material we found to attach the pictures of the Brady’s, which I had enlarged from a poster! It looked just like the opening scene from the Brady Bunch, my costume even played the theme song, which everybody would join in on!

The costume took about 2 weeks to make but worth every second! It was such a fun costume to wear, it brought everybody back to their childhood!

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