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Coolest Handmade Rainbow Bird Costume

My daughter wanted to be a Rainbow Bird Costume. After three years of princesses, I decided that I HAD to make it work. Since I could not buy one, I made it.

I made a sort of cape thing, by cutting a half circle with the diameter equal to her outstretched arm length out of rainbow fabric. I did this on the fold so that when sewn together it would be rainbow on both sides. Then I added two triangles to the circle (on both the front and the back) to make it a little more full, before sewing it together.

Next, I added felt ‘feathers’ cut from a rainbow of felt colors and adhered with fabri-tac fabric glue.

I bought the mask from Walmart but it was all pink, so I added some rainbow feathers and some different colored glitter glue to make it rainbow. The tie dye leggings are from Etsy. Then I just draped the cape over her shoulders and safety pinned the cape to her shirt (which was chosen as one of the colors of the rainbow – to be her bird belly).

I may add a strap to go across her neck or around her arms to hold the cape on better than the safety pins. The idea of the detachable cape was that I wanted to be able to wash the main portion of the costume.

Handmade Rainbow Bird Costume

Handmade Rainbow Bird Costume

Handmade Rainbow Bird Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Handmade Rainbow Bird Costume”

  1. It’s a great costume, really cute, and great way of doing the wings! I came across this while searching for realistic costume wings, and this is one of the simplest, most effective ones I’ve seen yet!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! We’re doing a musical production in the spring with many birds as characters in our youth theater at Good Sam Arts (GoodSamArts.org), and we’re going to use your beautiful bird costume as inspiration for our costume makers :-)


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