Coolest Group Running Costume

This Homemade Group Running Costume was inspired by the movie “Cool Runnings,” and we modified the bobsled and team outfits to reflect the “ghoulish” theme of the race – and achieve our own “Ghoul Running” style!

The sled is entirely Styrofoam, cut in pieces with a bandsaw, glued together and sanded, and duct taped at the hinges to make it collapsable for easy transport. The carrying crosstubes (5 of them) are three-piece PVC pipe with plastic washers at each joint that provide stability as well as a means to carry the bobsled while running – this was a 10K race, after all! We left a styrofoam shelf in the front nose of the sled in which we put a circular holder for an iPod full of reggae music to entertain our fans.

The sled was then spray painted (using painting tape for crisp lines) and lettering was printed out on sheets of paper which were then cut out and used as stencils.

The dreadlocks are mop heads dyed with ink and then washed (to keep the ink from dyeing our faces), and placed inside of various bike and softball helmets. Hair ties and rubber bands kept the dreads out of our faces while running.

Our team outfits are sweatpants and long sleeve shirts we decorated with skeleton bones using glow-in-the-dark paint. We also laminated Jamaican flags and safety pinned them to the backs of our shirts for a unifying team look. A team flag was added for additional clarity as to our group’s name.

All that was left was to run with the sled for 6.2 miles!! Go Jams!

Homemade Group Running Costume

Homemade Group Running Costume

Homemade Group Running Costume

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