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Cool Flintstones DIY Group Costumes

As we do every year, we as a group of good friends, decided to do the Flintstones Group Costume and had fun doing it.

Pebbles: Found a yellow dress at a salvation army and glue gunned on some cut out black triangles. Then we found a pink wig and attached a bone headband.

Bam Bam: Yellow shorts and glued on black triangles. White wig and yellow hat- glued on a plastic bone from dollar store. He also carried a big bone bat (from Dollar store).

Betty- Blue material made the dress with attachments for the neck and blue material for head band.

Barney- Caveman dress from Zellars (left over from year before), some bone jewelry from Dollar store. Then topped off with a yellow wig.

Fred- Orange material sewed together at one side and elastic around the neck, with tie . Glued on black material triangles. Black wig.

Wilma- A old wedding dress from salvation army, also sewed on black triangles. Zebra lace sewed on to bottom and around shoulder. A blond wig which I sprayed on orange color.

This Flintstones Group Costume turned out great. We were First place all the way!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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