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Coolest Final Jeopardy Halloween Costume That Lights Up!

I was Googling different costume ideas two weeks ago, and somehow stumbled on the Jeopardy photos on this site! And I thought that is brilliant and hilarious! I have to try this, with my own special twist! This is my final Jeopardy Halloween costume that lights up!

I used a large piece of cardboard from a big screen TV. Stenciled the shape then cut it with box cutters. I ended up altering the shape throughout the process. Spray painted the whole piece with silver. Taped down a second area and spray painted it black. I took a smaller box and shaped it so that it went around my hips to “pop out” the large piece about 4 inches, and also hold it up. I stapled an elastic piece to one side of this and a piece of Velcro to the other for added support. Used glue gun to hold it all together.

I used red and blue Bristol board, printed out numbers, and white out for my name. Present ribbon in silver to hold up around my neck. I forgot about the clicker to the last minute and wish I had done it better, but I just wrapped duct tape around a clicky pen and attached it with a stretchy string.

Here’s the added twist … I found a package of battery operated mini lights, and placed them around my board so I lit up! It looked AWESOME!

Reactions were priceless, the lights brought so much attention to my costume and it was a huge hit! I got stopped to take photos by lots of random people, and so many people asked me about it. A great ice breaker! A little bulky to carry around but great nonetheless. Best costume of the night.

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