Coolest DIY Rowlf Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween we all decided to do Muppet characters for a group theme, The dog Rowlf from the band is one of my favs so I chose him.

The DIY Rowlf Halloween costume is made from brown furry fleece sewn into a hoodie shirt, and his head is just felt glued on a big round strainer I found. The eyes are felt that I glued on and the nose is another piece of brown felt that I stuffed a bit to make it stand out from his face.

To make his keyboard I found a long white piece of foam cardboard and I used a ruler and a black marker to make the keys precise. I just wore khaki pants underneath. Overall it was pretty simple, I finished it in one day and it turned out great! People took pictures of us all night and we had an absolute blast!

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