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Coolest Christmas Tree Halloween Costume

My boyfriend was skeptical about my homemade Christmas tree Halloween costume, but when I showed it to him, and then lit it up, he was thrilled. Although sewing fake pine garland to sweatshirt material is no walk in the park (and quite a job for the vacuum cleaner), I knew that the costumes would be well worth it in the end.

Paired with my homemade present (complete with bows from the dollar store and spray painted fishnets), we were a hit at every party we went to. The initial reaction from just the tree being lit up was awesome. People were amazed at how he was functioning without being plugged into the wall somewhere but then when they realized there was a present to go along with it – all the better.

Goes to show that the homemade costumes will always prevail over those $70 Halloween store numbers. Creative People Rule.

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