Coolest Call Of Duty Costume

My son is addicted to playing call of duty. So I went to an army base in Texas and purchased a real U.S. army uniform and had his name and U.S. army embroidered on it. I then went to the costume store and purchased fake ammo to wrap around him. Grabbed a sniper rifle we already had at the house that he used all the time and tied it around him. Bought the helmet from a toy store and used face paint to make the black lines.

Everyone loved his Homemade Call Of Duty Costume and said it was very unique! I dont believe in store bought costumes. Everyone should make their own and customize it to their liking! I hope everyone gets a good idea from this and will do the same for their little one! He was definitely a beast this night!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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