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Coolest Bluebird Halloween Costume

We have called our 4 month old daughter “Baby Bird” (nickname) every since she was a few days old. That’s where I got my inspiration for her first halloween costume.

I purchased some white fuzzy fabric at the craft store and dyed it the shade of blue that I thought looked good. For the body, I took an onsie a few sizes larger than she wears, laid it on a brown paper bag and traced out a pattern. I cut out 2 pieces for the body, then sewed the right sides together, leaving openings for the legs, arms and head. I then turned it right side out and sewed the onsie inside of it. This left a pocket for poly-fil to make a chubby bird body.

For the head, I traced the hood of a sweatshirt onto the brown paper bag. Again I made 2 pieces and sewed them together, leaving an opening for her face. I used Velcro to fasten the hood under her chin. I cut 2 pieces of thin yellow craft foam for the beak and sewed them to the hood and added a feather clip to the top.

I also made 2 wings (cut pattern and stuffed) that Velcrod onto her sleeves and tied to her wrists. Add long sleeve shirt,a pair of yellow sweatpants and yellow rubber dish gloves (fingers stuffed) over her shoes and there you have the cutest baby bird ever!

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