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Coolest Blue Bird with Baby Birds Costume

My daughter Zoe decided she wanted a Homemade Blue bird with Baby Birds Costume for Halloween. Following in the tradition from my mother in law, I decided to hand make her costume, no store bought costume would be accepted. The base outfit (for warmth and comfort) came in the form of a plain white tee, black leggings with sparkle dots, blue frilly skirt and white sneakers. To form the nest I took a plain wreath, broke off twigs and wove them into the wreath to form a base. I hand made the baby birds and eggs by crocheting and assembling them from my own design.

I purchased a plain white pair of feather wings from the craft store, painted them blue, and then hand glued blue feathers and feather shapes hand cut from felt. For the body I took a blue tank top, lots of blue, yellow and orange feathers and feather shapes hand cut from felt and strategically placed all over the front and back of the shirt. I cut larger felt feathers, sewed together adding real feathers, then sewed to the shoulder and back waist line to cover the white sleeves and add a tail feather. I took an old sleep mask, glued felt and real feathers to the outside edge, cut out and sewed a beak and eyes to the mask. I cut out foam “feet”, adding sparkly orange shapes for claws, and added Velcro to create feet. Voila- blue bird with babies!

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