Coolest Batman and Batcycle Costume

Jacob, my 4 yr old, is Batman here… I made his bat utility belt out of card board and duct tape. You can make interactive boxes for storing a cable for climbing and Velcro items like spy glasses so he can use them.

The Bat cycle is made of cardboard and duct tape completely. There are suspenders holding it up and I kept the weight down on him by using bubble wrap around the tires to make them look like they have tread.

The head light is all cardboard too, along with a piece of Plexiglas and bat insignia. I used a pumpkin light that glows three colors for behind it at night (in photo below…)

The rear has a flashing orange light with a row of red lights (hard to see in these photos). I will do my best to get a night shot of it soon.

The bike steering wheel turns back and forth…

Batman Costume

Batman Costume

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  1. Great to see someone else out there using cardboard, tape, and paint to make costumes. That has been my approach for years now and I love doing sculpture out of cardboard as part of the costume. I see that you do too! Well done!


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