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Coolest Bambi Theme Mom and Baby Costume

A few weeks before Halloween we had a Skunk fall in our window well. It sprayed several times and our house stunk so bad! We had to steam clean everything. It was a crazy few days trying to get rid of the smell. I saw the skunk costume for sale on an online ad and thought it would be so funny since we had that experience.

I like to dress my family up in pairs and I wanted to come up with an idea to dress up with my little girl as Bambi Characters. I decided to be the Flower patch with Bambi and Thumper and have her as the PURDY PURDY Flower!

To make the costume I used pictures of Bambi and Thumper I found on the internet and printed them on iron on paper (I had on hand) but you can buy at any craft store. I ironed them to an old sheet and cut it out about 1 ½ inches around the edge of the picture so I could glue them to the dress. I left an opening at the top and stuffed pieces of the old sheet behind the pictures so they would stand out.

I asked family and friends for fake flowers they didn’t want anymore and was able to get enough to cover the costume. Thrift stores often sale used flowers for cheap. I used craft glue E6000. It took two 2 oz. tubes to glue on all the flowers.

I was happy to come up with a BAMBI costume for me to match my little girl. We were a hit in our Homemade Bambi Theme Mom and Baby Costume! Hope you have fun looking ‘PURDY’ in your homemade costume.

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