My 6 year old son Connor wanted to look like his favorite cartoon character on nickalodean’s Avatar Aang.

His Grandmother made his Avatar Aang costume out of yellow,orange and brown felt, and put cardboard under the collar to make it stiff and stand up. He put on a dark tan sweat shirt underneath, and wore tan pants, and black shoes.

We modeled the costume after the character and an action figure he had, and he already had the flying staff he had received from his birthday, it makes sounds. We shave his head, because he wanted to look authentic, a bald cap will work, and used blue Halloween make-up to paint on the arrow and line across his head to the back of his head, and the arrows on his hands.

We had a lot of fun making this costume, and my son had even more fun wearing it. Everywhere we went, he was followed by children and adults alike saying “theres the Avatar!!” He sure was proud and really became the character. I hope you enjoy this costume and can add to it for your children to enjoy. And Happy Halloween!