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Cool Redbox DVD Kiosk Costume

Each year my work has a halloween costume contest, the last couple years the same colleague had won. I really was determined to make something that would be unique to win. I recently moved, had boxes around my house – so i decided.. why not be a Redbox Kiosk? My boyfriend & I use redbox all the time, so it was perfect. The best part is, the costume looks harder than it really was to make. I cut out holes for my head and arms in a box, then spray painted it red. Random tip* Most Craft stores have coupons they email you all the time too, or you can google coupons and get supplies for half the price.

I bought a piece of cardboard from a craft store that was already red. (it was one of those with the two flaps on each side you use for science projects). I cut off one of the flaps, and kept on the right one as the dvd display. after i found images of logos and dvds online, i printed them and mod podged them onto the board so it looked neat. I then made a credit swipe out of a piece of foam paper. (just layed them into a square and made a slit) I also used the remaining foam to super glue onto a headband i already had and inserted a redbox into the slit.

I ended up winning my work contest! All in all, it cost next to nothing to make and won me $100!

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