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Cool NY METS Homerun Apple Costume

I decided to make my family a baseball-themed family. We are huge Mets fans and that was the year the Mets made it all the way (well not quite). So we made our son a NY METS Homerun Apple costume.

So I started with a balance/workout ball. We covered it with strips of Plaster of Paris. Once it dried, we layered more. After It was completely covered and dried, we sprayed it red. Then popped the ball inside and made a hole for the head with a plaster knife and removed the deflated ball.

We then cut the bottom for the legs and sides for arms. I printed a Mets sign and laminated it, then hot glued it to the front. I added battery operated string of lights and painted his face red.

Cool NY METS Homerun Apple Costume

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