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Cool Homemade Judge Doom Costume from Roger Rabbit

Every year I try to do a character costume. I love the reactions I get when people see something they remember from their past. This year I went with a character that haunted my childhood, Judge Doom. The costume didn’t require much for materials. All I needed was two ping pong balls, bald cap, cotton spider web, cape jacket, and some black fabric. I wasn’t able to find a bow tie as thin as the one from the movie. So I created a bow tie out of the black fabric and attached it with a safety pin.

The eyeballs were the hardest part of the costume. I used a grinder to shape the ping pong balls to fit around my eyes. I drilled 1/4 inch holes to see through. In order to make the eyes look as real as possible I decided to glue them on with spirit gum. I lost all peripheral vision but it was worth it. I used the cotton spider web for the hair. It’s light enough that it could be shaped to stick up and it would hold it’s shape for quite a while. A little white makeup to help blend in the bald cap and make myself look pale and I was set to go.

This was the simplest costume I’ve ever made, but I got a great reaction to it. People either wanted a photo or scrambled away from me because of the memories they had of that character. We walked into a bar and a guy yells at the top of his lungs, “You remember me Eddie?! When I killed your brother!!”. Then of course I responded as high pitched as I could get, “I talked.. just.. like.. this!!”

My favorite costumes are ones that other people enjoy. I’ve created more complex costumes, better looking costumes, but this is one that was really fun and I’ve never seen it done before.

Cool Homemade Judge Doom Costume from Roger Rabbit

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