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Cool Homemade Brotherly-Love Couple Costumes Gremlins-Style

My sons wanted to do something different and unique this year for Halloween.  What is better than being the characters from your favorite Halloween movie.  One wanted to be a good gremlin (Gizmo) and the other wanted to be a bad gremlin (Stripe).  The costume itself was fairly easy to make however the fur did make sewing difficult at certain times.

The most difficult part of the costume was attaching the zipper because all the fur. The hardest part of the costumes were the masks. They were formed around balloons using just a flour and water paste with newspaper. Once the mask were hardened we cut out neck and eye areas. We then attached cardboard ears and covered them with foam. Then came the time consuming task of painting and covering the mask with material.

During a local downtown trick or treat people were impressed and amused with the “throwback” costumes. This was a fun bonding memory we will always have for Halloween.

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