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Cool DIY All-Guys Group Costume: Monarch Henchman from The Venture Bros.

A group of friends decided to dress up as various characters from Venture Brothers for a local science fiction convention. Enter the Monarch and his Henchmen. I was one of four. We decided to get together and decide how we wanted to execute the costumes and then made 4 identical costumes. We were a huge hit at the convention and won best in show in the costume contest.

We started with second skin suits and cut out eye and mouth holes. Mens boxer shorts and t-shirts were purchased in white 100% cotton and then all dyed in a batch to be the same yellow. The sides were cut from the t-shirts. Yellow boots, gloves and belts were purchased and the yellow pouches were donated from a past Batman costume.

The emblem on the belt and the masks were cut from craft foam. The belt emblem was attached with velcro and black elastic was glued to the mask. Red cellophane was used for the lenses. We used pipe cleaners for the antennae and fed it through small holes in the top of the second skin suit.

The wings were a little more difficult. We started with wire frames and originally wanted a sheer wing so we purchased orange tights to slide over the frames. It worked really well on the smaller wing pieces, however, the larger ones bent, even with plus size tights. We ended up purchasing cheap orange fabric and then made a pattern around the wing frames and sewed the frames into the fabric. We used elastic and buckles to make a harness that went under the shirts to hold the wings on.

We got together and were able to make the costumes in 1 day and the cost for each Henchman was $110.

The costumes were a big hit at the convention and it was a lot of fun being part of a group.



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