Cooelst Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus Costume

While a natural red head is preferred for this costume, a red wig will always suffice. We found a purple dress and decorated it with construction paper in a solar system theme. Then we found a medium/large box and covered it in yellow construction paper. Then we added tinfoil wings and an engine by attaching a smaller box to the front. We decorated it using a solar system them as well. We used black paper plates as wheels and added straps with duck tape.

School Bus Costume

School Bus Costume

7 thoughts on “Cooelst Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus Costume”

  1. That is really funny! I am going to be that for Halloween this year, seeing how I just married a Frizzle and I have curly hair! Weird!

  2. When I saw this photo, I thought about how much my daughter loved that program and she is now a Science Teacher! Gets my vote for the best costume, ever!! Thank you for sharing!

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