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Connected CatDog Couple Costume

My best friend and I wanted something hilarious and unique for our Halloween party this year. We went through several ideas before deciding on being CatDog. This idea came from the Nickelodeon cartoon we used to watch as kids. The idea was simple enough, yet we had never seen it done before.

To start of this costume we bought about 6 yards of fleece fabric, light yellow for the body, and a darker tan for the spots. I cut out spots and sewed them all over the fabric, I figured they would be easier to sew while the fabric was flat. I then made two simple strapless dresses with elastic at the top to hold them up. Next I made the “connection” by sewing another longer tube to the back of each dress. All that was left was to make some ears and paint our noses.

We had so much fun with this costume. Everyone loved it, and knew exactly what we were the moment they saw us. Just make sure you can stand being connected to your partner the entire night, there is no escaping them! Even bathroom breaks were a joint effort! In the long run we both had a blast and its going to be hard to come up with something next year to beat this one!

Connected CatDog Couple Costume

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