Coolest Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker Costumes

Homemade  Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker Costumes

For Bunsen Honeydew: First I got a big ball from Walmart and paper mached it. Then I cut the mouth big enough so my daughter would be able to see out of it. I used clay to paper mache the big nose and ears and glued them on and painted it all green. I grabbed … Read more

Coolest Animal Costume

Coolest Animal Costume 13

For this Animal Costume, I first cut out a large circle out of cardboard (about 19 inches in diameter). Then I measured the circumference of my head and drew a circle that size inside the larger circle that was already cut out. I cut an “x” out of the small circle and folded the flaps … Read more

Coolest Beaker Costume

Homemade Beaker Costume

After thinking and thinking about what to be last Halloween I came up with the idea of a Homemade Beaker Costume. He is by far one of my favorite characters on the Muppets so it was a perfect choice. I have seen Beaker costumes before but all of them completely inclosed the persons head. I … Read more

Honeydew and Beaker Costume Ideas

I am a huge Muppet show fan so had to come up with some homemade costume ideas for this Halloween. I used felt and Styrofoam. The hair is a feather boa and I bought the outfit at a discount store. Beakers head sat on top of mine and my eyes were around his chest area. … Read more