Cool Homemade Animal Muppet Halloween Costume

After a simple but effective Kermit costume the year before, I decided to stick with the Muppet theme and try out one of my favorite characters this year – Homemade Animal Muppet Halloween Costume!

Right away I knew that the head would be the hardest and most time-consuming part. I found a head pattern online in a puppet-building forum and blew it up for large-scale use. I traced the pattern onto a sheet of foam and a sheet of felt material, used spray glue to cover the foam with the felt, and then sewed the whole thing together to form a ball-head.

The nose is just a Styrofoam ball covered in leftover red t-shirt material. The eyes are whiffle balls with black felt. Eyebrows are made from a simple craft boa. The teeth are modeling clay that I shaped and baked in the oven to harden (still very lightweight). The hair is yarn though if I were to remake the costume I’d look for a better material. The mouth is a black sheer material that I could see through. I was planning to make movable eyebrows but it didn’t pan out as I had planned.

– Plastic spiked wristcuffs
– Plastic spiked necklace with attached chain (Home depot)
– Drumsticks
– Red/yellow t-shirt with Electric Mayhem logo on back
– Torn brown pants with rope belt
– Orange t-shirt, socks and gloves for Animal’s skin

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3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Animal Muppet Halloween Costume”

  1. Awesome costume! Where did you get the necklace and the wrist cuffs? and how dod you attach the chain to the necklace? I’m sure Hot Topic probably has some (necklace, wrist cuffs), but they’re probably not cheap there!

  2. I got the spiked necklace/cuffs at Party City or one of those places. Shouldn’t be hard to find. The necklace was a bit hard to see since the head overshadowed it, but to attach the chain I think I just used a bolt cutter to chop the last link apart, puncture it through the band of the rubber necklace and then bend it back in place – held just fine.


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