Coolest Homemade Luke Skywalker Pilot Costume

Homemade Luke Skywalker Pilot Costume

To my surprise, my 5 yr. old son wanted to be Luke Skywalker as a X-Wing Pilot for Halloween (thanks to the Lego Star Wars games). Since it was not the popular character costume of the season, I needed to make his costume again. (I made his “Coolest Bumblebee Transformer Halloween Costume 24”). After researching … Read more

Coolest Ever Driving R2D2 Halloween Costume

Ever Driving R2D2 Halloween Costume

The whole thing started when my son wanted to be something from Star Wars, as all little boys are apt to do at some point in their childhood. We pulled into my in-laws & my eye fell on an old R2D2 cooler (like the kind you find at a gas station) laying in their side … Read more

Coolest Homemade R2D2 Stroller Costume

Homemade R2D2 Stroller Costume

We are a family of Star War fanatics. Ever since I purchased the complete Storm Trooper Armor for my husband, we have tried to incorporate the entire family in a Star Wars theme for the local Halloween Parade. Last year I was Leia, my oldest son was Luke and my youngest son (4 months) was … Read more

Coolest Homemade General Grievous Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade General Grievous Halloween Costume Idea

I decided to build General Grievous from Star Wars and this was my most challenging build ever! I got some pipes and parts and built the basic frame out of 1″ and 3″ ABS piping all bolted together with lag bolts. I built a custom 3″ ABS pipe hip axle that swivels in three spots … Read more

Coolest DIY Baby Yoda Costume from The Mandalorian

The Child aka Baby Yoda costume

We love watching the show The Mandalorian, and we just love “Baby Yoda.” My 8 year old son decided he wanted to be Baby Yoda for Halloween, but he also wanted to look like he was in the pod. So my husband and I decided to try and make it for him. I made the … Read more

Awesome 3D-Printed Star Wars Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren Costumes

Awesome 3D-Printed Star Wars Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren Costumes

The Captain Phasma costume was my quarantine project and kept me sane during the summer at home. In the armor alone there are over 50 3D printed pieces glued together (constituting around a solid 3 weeks of continuous printing) to create the base, which was then primed and wrapped in chrome. After all the pieces … Read more

Coolest Homemade Star Wars Mandalorian Costume

Cheap ‘Mandalorian’ Costume for Anyone!

I am wearing a costume that I built from scratch for about $50-70. It’s a Star Wars character called The Mandalorian. The idea came to me when I saw season 2 was coming out right before Halloween. I decided this was what I wanted to build and I began looking at how to do it. … Read more

Luke Skywalker Costume: Jedi Training with Master Yoda

Luke Skywalker Costume: Jedi Training with Master Yoda

This Luke Skywalker costume took some time to make, but I am very proud how it turned out and made on a budget. I won a costume contest at a local bar and received tons of attention with many compliments! Yoda stole the show of course, but the rest of the costume is still very elaborate as … Read more

Awesome Homemade Star Wars Inspired Dog Costume

I came up with the idea for this costume during the halloween parade at tompkins square park a year ago. I decided to make my dog both the X-Wing and the pilot. I have recently gotten into 3D printing and design so this project would put my newly found skills to the test. The first … Read more

The Force Awakens Family Star Wars Homemade Costumes

family star wars costume

For our homemade costumes, I was determined to dress up as Rey From Star Wars The Force Awakens . From there, I managed to talk each member of the family into dressing in theme with other characters from the movie. My daughter was the easiest as she loves to dress up as robots. (She was … Read more

Cutest DIY Halloween Star Wars Costumes for Kids: Ewok and Leia

halloween star wars costumes

My kids love Star Wars, and when we were watching Return of the Jedi, my son declared he wanted to be an Ewok for Halloween. So, we needed to create these Halloween Star Wars costumes for both of our kids. Making our Halloween Star Wars Costumes I bought brown fur fabric at a local craft/fabric … Read more