Coolest Chicken DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Chicken DIY Halloween Costume Idea

For my son’s chicken DIY Halloween costume idea I bought 2 white turtlenecks and cut down the back several inches, glued the shirts together and the bottom seam and put stuffing in between the layers so he was fluffy, then I bought 2 white boa’s and hot glued them around the shirt, I also made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tiger Costume

Homemade Tiger Costume

This homemade tiger costume is almost entirely handmade. For the ears and tail, I bought some thick bendable furry stuff (kind of like a really big pipe cleaner) at ACMoore and painted it with acrylic paints (orange and black tiger stripes) after bending the ears and tail how I wanted. For the shirt, I had … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Bird Costume

Homemade Baby Bird Costume

Meet our precious golden finch! He is the sweetest little bird you’ll every meet, snuggled up in his nest with his snuggley little worm. We started out this Homemade Baby Bird Costume with a yellow hooded sweat shirt, sewed on a beak and black accents and made some fabric wings and attached at shoulders. We … Read more

Coolest Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and for one night out my class decided to make the theme- circus. I knew that most people would turn up as clowns and I wanted to be something different so I decided to go in a Homemade Lion Costume. I’m a poor student so … Read more

Cute DIY Parrot Costume

Homemade Parrot Costume

This Homemade Parrot Costume was such a fun time. A fun time to make and a fun time to wear. My most favorite part was the rubber gloves on the feet! I had some basic flats on then just slid yellow rubber gloves over them. I was able to walk around all night without foot … Read more

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume 21

This Parrot Infant Costume was amazingly easy! I needed something that wouldn’t be too hot for South Florida. I bought a plain, white, long sleeve onesie and died it red. Then using blue, yellow and red felt, I cut out the wings and tail shapes. The wings are two sided (one blue, 2 yellow and … Read more

Coolest Cow Halloween Costume

Run the Farmer is comin'!

This cow Halloween costume is a very fun costume! It takes two people to work it and can make a lot of people stop and look at it to figure out how it works. My mom and I have always worked this thing together and have it down quite well now. We have little dances … Read more

Coolest Hamster on a Wheel Costume

Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume

First of all thank you to all those who submit to this site. I have modified and made many of the costumes. 1. This Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume was the result of brainstorming ideas over dinner one night. Before the end of the meal we had pretty much the whole costume thought out. … Read more

Peacock Feather Fan on a Cool DIY Peacock Costume

Homemade Peacock Costume

Well let me just start by saying that I love, love, love Halloween! It is absolutely without a doubt my favorite holiday. Every year when I feel that first cool crisp autumn breeze and begin to smell the vague scent of fall that lingers in the air. I then know that it is time once … Read more

Coolest DIY Peacock Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume Idea

I wanted to be a peacock for a few years now, but all of the peacock costumes out there were too revealing for my liking. I also wanted something more outlandish, larger, and on more of a full scale level. My friend decided to have a Halloween costume ball for her wedding reception so I … Read more

Cool Peacock Costume Idea

Coolest Peacock Costume Idea

We dressed our son as a Peacock for his School activity. It was not an easy task before a lot of homework. First we bought a royal blue jersey material and made a two piece costume including the head, fingers and toes. Peacock feathers are easily available in the market, we pasted them on a … Read more

Coolest White Tiger Halloween Costume

Homemade White Tiger Halloween Costume

The trunk of this White Tiger Halloween costume is separate from head and boots. The head was made from a pattern of a hoodie and I made ears from a 1/2 of a dixie cup shape. Trunk was patterned from a large size boy sweat suit and boots were made of Crocs with fur outlined … Read more