Coolest Puppies for Sale Costume

We have a dog and my eight year old girl is a big dog lover and she really wanted a dogs costume this year. We surfed the internet and decided “Puppies for sale” would be a great theme. We saw lots of great ideas on your site and those were our inspiration to the costume.

It was really simple. She wore a black hoodie I already had. I found black velvet trousers she had when she was younger. From those trousers I made the ears and a tail (the tail was the trousers string). I sewed the ears to the hoodie. I made sure it would not be hard to remove the ears from the hoodie later. Underneath the hoodie she wore a black t-shirt and I pinned the tail to the back of the t-shirt with a safety-pin.
She wore black stockings I had. I made the collar out of old green shorts. I sewed in it our dogs name, Loppa, using red sequins and pearls I had.

I found a box that was the right size for her and cut a hole for her to stand through. I had a shopping bag with black ropes and i cut the ropes off and used it to hold the box on her shoulders. We glued some newspapers inside the box. She had two stuffed animal dogs, I pinned a safety-pin to the dogs chest and sewed the dogs to the box – from the safety-pins to the box.

I painted her face using some face paint and some make up I had. When finished I added some glitter-eyeshadow over the face-paint because she loves glitter.

We live in Iceland. We wrote on the box: “Hvolpar til sölu!” That´s icelandic for “Puppies for sale!”

This was really fun and I´m sure most people can make this out of something they already have at home. It took us one evening.