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Awesome Homemade Dad and Baby MechWarrior Costume

Years ago I saw other dads on several other costume websites make a mech suit for their kids. I’m here to keep the torch list and keep the inspiration for others moving forward. This dad and baby Mech Warrior costume took about 2 months to make, both a lot of fun and a lot of problem solving were required.

My son it attached to me in a baby harness. The rest of the costume sits around us. The main body is the box his car seat came in. The rest I was able to cobble together from amazon deliveries and scraps from warehouses.

The missile pods are made from pringles cans, and the boxes are held up via metal brackets attached to the main body. The head lights just have a small LED flashlight glued at the rear of the can, from a hole cut in the back. The camera dome is 3D printed PLA, I found a design on Thingiverse.com I was able to modify for what I needed. The cockpit is just cardboard boxes glued to the main box with some insulated pipe foam curved down, giving it a windshield frame. Legs are just 3D printed brackets glued to cardboard cuts, making a shin armor piece. Feet are shoes with a box glued on top, triangle cuts glued to the shoe box to give the mech “toes”.

The part that was most fun was spray painting it camo. A green base layer and then just randomly guessing where to put the tans, blacks and browns. (pro-tip, if you are not 100% sober, your camo will come out better!)

The hardest part was getting started. Coming up with a vision of what we wanted the final costume to look like. Eventually we got there, one draft at a time.

Reactions varied, from people thinking I actually built a mech for my son, to those who think I put way too much effort into this project. Either way, I had a lot of fun, learned a few things along the way, and now have a great story to tell my son when he is older.

Hoping to inspire new dads with this one day :)

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