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Adorable Blue Monster Costume from Scratch

Aleidian here is quite an adorable monster indeed. Always well-received, it’s nice when people run up and ask for hugs and tell you how cute you are. This character is very fun to dress up as and act out, by being affectionate, lively, and of course, adorable.

This costume mask features “follow-me” foam eyes, plastic canvas and foam base, fleece and felt material, polymer clay teeth, wire-based ears, a moving jaw, and a form-fitting neck.

I first started with shaping the plastic canvas to my skull, and extending the front forward to form a muzzle base. The bottom jaw was made slightly shorter than the top half, and attached separately with brads for max jaw movement. A small strip of plastic canvas was added to the bottom jaw to sit just under my bottom lip. This ensures movement as I speak.

Foaming the head was tricky, but it all comes together. I started with the mouth, them moved to the muzzle, nose-bridge, cheeks, head, back of head, eyebrows, and so on. I shaped the foam with a pair of regular scissors, keeping in mind my character’s facial shape and head distentions from every angle.

Once I covered it in foam, I started on the fleece. I attached the dark blue antipil fleece first, then the lighter blizzard fleece. It was all stitched together and to the mask with a Muppet stitch (AKA Jim Henson stitch) which hides seams beautifully. After I finished the head, I moved on to the ears and neck.

The ears started with 2 U shaped wires trough each side of the head. The middle ear-spines has no wire and stands alone. Three colors of felt were sewn together and attached to the wires for webbing. The ear-spines were sewn on top of them, and stuffed.

The neck was trial and error, but I finally got it to be form-fitting without being too tight. I had to fix a lot on the neck several times, and eventually added shoulder coverings. The effort was well worth the final product.

Once the neck was done, I made eyes out of thin, colored foam sheets (foamies). I made them cone-shaped, cut of the tip, and attached circular green pieces to give a following effect. The eyes were then painted to look cute, and attached onto the head with hot glue. They were placed above my line of vision, which was later covered with buckram and blended with the black markings. I added black fleece eyelids to cover the edges of the foamies. I then attached the teeth with hot glue.

The head was finally put together, so then came time for painting. Dry-brush painting is where you use a stiff-bristle brush (such as a tooth brush) to scrub in watered-down acrylic paint. You have to brush it as it dries though, or you will have a crusty mask. The black markings and stripes were all painted on.

I have since made gloves that extend up to my shoulders and secure to my with elastic straps. The gloves are mainly dark blue with a light blue underside. Each hand has only 3 black fleece fingers. Black stripes were painted down both arms. I intend to make a tail and feet for this costume in the future.

This costume was super fun to make, and a great learning experience. I can’t wait to make more!


Adorable Blue Monster Costume from Scratch

Adorable Blue Monster Costume from Scratch

Adorable Blue Monster Costume from Scratch

Adorable Blue Monster Costume from Scratch

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