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A Labor of Love: Grammy’s Five Nights at Freddy’s Springtrap Costume

My grandson Clayton, an avid fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) video game series, requested a Springtrap costume for Halloween. As a 77-year-old grandmother, I was unfamiliar with the character but determined to fulfill his wish. Embracing the challenge, I embarked on a journey of research, learning new crafting techniques, and dedicating countless hours to bring Clayton’s vision to life.

Delving into the World of Springtrap

With no prior knowledge of Springtrap, I immersed myself in the character’s world, watching hours of YouTube tutorials and scrutinizing images to capture his essence. These tutorials introduced me to the world of Eva foam, modeling clay, toggle bolts, foam, duct tape, and an abundance of hot glue and contact cement – tools that would become my faithful companions in this creative endeavor.

Crafting the Mechanical Marvel

The journey began with shaping the head, the focal point of the costume. Using Eva foam as the foundation, I meticulously layered foam clay and olive green fleece, creating a lifelike replica of Springtrap’s decaying visage. For the teeth, I sculpted individual pieces from Eva foam, while the eyes were crafted from half-ornaments with fairy lights embedded behind them. To add a touch of realism, I placed a red-painted skeleton mask underneath the headpiece.

The hands, with their menacing mechanical details, were constructed using Eva foam and toggle bolts, covered with a layer of fleece for texture. Similarly, the feet emerged from Eva foam and duct tape, seamlessly enveloping a pair of slippers for added comfort.

The body, comprising the chest, arms, and legs, was constructed from 1-inch thick foam, wrapped in olive green fleece. To enhance the costume’s authenticity, I meticulously dirtied the fleece with black and red paint, creating a worn and weathered appearance. The chest and other areas were adorned with black spiral cable covers (painted silver for added realism), wires, and skeletal bones crafted from Eva foam and inserted into strategically cut crevices.

A Labor of Love, A Treasured Creation

The Springtrap costume was a labor of love, spanning from July to October, with numerous breaks in between. Each step was a learning experience, and the process ignited a newfound passion for crafting. The finished product was a testament to my dedication and a source of immense pride.

Clayton, my grandson, was thrilled with the costume, his eyes sparkling with delight as he donned his favorite FNAF character. His joy was the ultimate reward, making every hour spent crafting worthwhile. The Springtrap costume will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory, a symbol of our shared love and the power of creativity.

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