I love Halloween, my husband hates it!  I make him dress up every year.  And every year he tells me my ideas for his costume are stupid!  This year was no exception.  When I told him I wanted him to be the devil, he told me that was stupid.  I purchased red contacts, black and red hair spray, and red face paint.  I asked him to start growing a gotye at the beginning of October.  We had a red velvet jacket from a previous years halloween costume, and he just wore his own jeans and shirt.  I painted his face red, glued on horns, dyed his gotye black, and sprayed his hair black and red.

Voila, it was perfect.  He is a  devilish character in real life, so its fitting.  He actually loved it, cause nobody recognized him.  We went to a cabaret that night, and it was tons of fun!  It was simple and it ROCKED!