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Coolest Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Couple Costume 4

by Stephanie
(Byron, IL, USA)

Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Couple Costume

Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Couple Costume

I saw the Bill on Capitol Hill costume on this website last year and had to make it for myself! But, my hubby and I were going out as a couple, so he went as Conjunction Junction! This is how we made our cool Schoolhouse Rock couple costume.

Bill's costume:
I couldn't find a full-size mattress pad that I liked, so I bought two foam rolls at a craft store and hot-glued them together. Then I covered it with a sheet of felt and hot-glued the edges.
I cut arm and a mouth holes (to see and drink with). I then hot-glued the felt face on. I made the nose out of a sock with stuffing and hot-glued it on. The "Bill" button is made of cardboard and felt and a red ribbon is tied around me. It is safety-pinned at the top and bottom for extra support. White tights cover the legs and another pair of tights cover the arms. I wore white costume hands and Velcrod felt to a pair of Crocs for my shoes.

Conjunction's costume:
This was easy. I cut up a pair of old jeans and
hot-glued them to an old ball cap. I added some stuffing and felt letters to the cap. I found some old bibs and a shirt and put a hanky around the neck. I made felt trains for AND, BUT and OR, that got us pretty far!

We won for best couple!

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Coolest Homemade School House Rock Costume 3

by Mike R.
(Auburn, Washington, USA)

Homemade School House Rock Costume

Homemade School House Rock Costume

One year my wife and I purchased the School House Rock DVD for our kids. As we were watching it and I thought what a great Homemade School House Rock Costume these characters would make.

Bill is made out of that thin layer of floor padding you put down before you put in Pergo floors. Hard to describe but if you have ever put in Pergo you know what I’m talking about. It’s two pieces, the bottom half is held up with a belt and goes on like a skirt and the top half slides over your head and arms. Bill’s banner and button hide the ugly truth.

My wife originally went with Conjunction Junction because of the recognize-ability, however, her friend was in town and they flipped a coin as to who would get CJ. My wife opted for the adverb girl because it was our kids favorite of the videos. It is basically just a white outfit with an over sized orange silky back pack we made and stuffed with paper balls. We clipped several funny adjectives to it and she handed them out at the party.

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Coolest Bill on Capitol Hill Costume

by Tammy Brewer
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Homemade Bill on Capitol Hill Costume

Homemade Bill on Capitol Hill Costume

My husband is always picky about his costumes. They have to be homemade and unique. So, we chose Bill from Capitol Hill from the old episodes of School House Rock.

We made the costume out of a queen size white mattress pad. We wrapped the pad around him and cut out the arm and face holes. We also used a piece that was cut out to make the nose. We tied elastic to it and it wrapped around his head underneath the costume. That way it stayed on. We drew the face on. I sewed a long red sash for the tie and used an old Frisbee for the name tag. We spray painted the colors on it. Finally we just wrapped the costume around and secured it with the sash.

He wore white tights, white shoes, white shirt and shorts and wore my old long white gloves. They were satin so we turned them inside out.

The Bill on Capitol Hill costume was a big hit, but never won any costume contests. My husband lost to a PIRATE if you can believe that!

Comments for Coolest Bill on Capitol Hill Costume

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by: April

This is an AWESOME costume! I would have never thought of this but it is unique and cool. I loved School House Rock when I was a kid & "Bill" was always my favorite episode!

My Favorite Costume
by: Lorie

I submitted a costume, but you are definitely my favorite. I had to show my son who is 13 and he did not know about school house rock, so we looked them up on Youtube... totally cool idea. I'm a little jealous. Good Luck!

by: Anonymous

That's awesome. A pirate?! For shame!

by: Anonymous

Great job! I cannot believe you lost to a pirate... You should enter a contest at a casino... That would totally win the big bucks.

Great Cotume
by: Dawn

I am making this for my son and his friend. I was wondering how you made the top corner fold down like it does. Did you use something to make it stay that way?

by: Anonymous

Love this idea, you really pulled it of too, I may have to borrow the it. Great job!

by: Anonymous

this is the best one!

by: Anonymous

How did you drink?

by: Michele

Do you still have this costume? I would love to rent it!

Let me know,

by: Anonymous

Awesome costume. One question, though. How did you answer when nature came calling?

by: Beefy Cow

yes I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill. and I'm sitting here on capitol hill. SO CATCHY!!!!

by: Anonrussell

how much !!!

Interested in renting
by: DC person

Hi, We are looking to possibly make a youtube video featuring this real-life Bill, would you be interested in allowing us to rent this from you. Please let us know because we'd be happy to get you more information. Thanks

Costume maker
by: Tammy B

Just now looking at the comments! Thanks everyone! I sewed a thread through on the top to make it bend over a little. I'm not sure about renting it because it's probably not in good shape anymore. It's really not too hard to make.

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Coolest Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Costume 5

by Tere
(Wellesley, MA)

Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Costume

Homemade Schoolhouse Rock Costume

My daughter is a School House Rock Fanatic. So she wanted to be the Bill that sits on Capitol Hill. I must say I started thinking about this in July, when I could easily buy patriotic ribbon, although you can probably find it online all year.

I bought a long piece of foam used for custom made cushions. IN order to keep it from scratching, I covered it with white material (I hot glue gunned it around. I closed the "bill" with some really large snap closures that I sawed into the fabric and foam. I was afraid they would come off when she pulled them if I just glued them. Then I glued the patriotic ribbon around.

The front part is a door decoration, with a cardboard round cutout. Voila, she was happy and it definitely kept her warm! Every parent over 30 totally loved it.

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