One year my wife and I purchased the School House Rock DVD for our kids. As we were watching it and I thought what a great Homemade School House Rock Costume these characters would make.

Bill is made out of that thin layer of floor padding you put down before you put in Pergo floors. Hard to describe but if you have ever put in Pergo you know what I’m talking about. It’s two pieces, the bottom half is held up with a belt and goes on like a skirt and the top half slides over your head and arms. Bill’s banner and button hide the ugly truth.

My wife originally went with Conjunction Junction because of the recognize-ability, however, her friend was in town and they flipped a coin as to who would get CJ. My wife opted for the adverb girl because it was our kids favorite of the videos. It is basically just a white outfit with an over sized orange silky back pack we made and stuffed with paper balls. We clipped several funny adjectives to it and she handed them out at the party.