First of all, we went to the store and bought lots of green fabric. After that, we dug out my mom’s old scrap fabric and tried to find the right colors for our costumes. We measured each other and my mom helped us use her sewing machine and we made the basic green dress. Then we cut out cardboard circles and covered them in felt to make our letters to go on our belts.

The letters were made out of white foam and the belt itself was made out of gold fabric. We cut out circles for eye holes in our masks from the scrap fabric we had and used the extra fabric to make armbands etc. Then we went to the local grocery store and bought turkey roasting foil pans and covered them in brown pattern scrap fabric my mom had with a hot glue gun to wear as our shells.  We cut out squares of yellow fabric to put on the front of our dresses and drew lines for the abs with permanent marker. We tried to get brown boots to match our costumes but we all ended up just wearing short boots as our footwear because it matched the best.

We live in an isolated community so it is hard to get good supplies but we managed to make do! And that is all you need to make a basic Ninja Turtle costume.