What you need to make these Ninja Turtles Halloween Costumes:

1) a pair of colored shorts

2) black leggings fabric in your color and in black

3) a green shirt with abs- to make: use yellow paint and paint on with black outlining the abs

4) cardboard

5) rhinestones

5) one time use roast pan

6) brown/ yellow/ black paint

7) elastic

8) hot glue gun

9) any shoes

Directions: After you have all your materials needed, begin to paint the green shirt with the abs and let dry. Measure the colored fabric around the areas it goes and cut. For the belt make take the cardboard and cut into a circle then make slits for the fabric to go in and out of, like a belt would. Hot glue the rhinestones onto the cardboard. For the shell we used a one time use roast pan. Make slits evenly on the sides and tie the elastic to it making loops to put through your arms. After paint brown and let dry. We had so much fun making these and wearing them.

One of the best Halloween costumes yet!