This is the first Halloween that my boyfriend and I spent together. A few days before the Halloween event, I was freaking out that we didn’t have a definite costume idea and I thought we would not end up with one. We went to Michael’s the night before of the event and my boyfriend was like, “What about Cosmo and Wanda?” I thought it was a very spontaneous and cute idea. We wanted to spend the least amount of money as possible since neither of us had a job. At the end of the night, it costed us $20.48 to make both outfits. We had to do some arts and crafts for some props, but that was basically it. Here’s our DIY on how to make Cosmo and Wanda!


  • – White dress shirt
  • – A black tie
  • – Black dress pants (or jeans, if you want to be casual)
  • – Green hairspray: $6.99, a local Halloween store (optional)
  • – Pre-made yellow crown: $2.99, Michael’s
  • – Wand: made by a wooden stick, gold foam paper cut into stars, tacky glue, and for an additional design, black pipe cleaners to decorate the stick.
  • – Black vans or dress pants


  • – Yellow t-shirt: 2/$5 ($2.99 each), Micheal’s. I cut mine into an off-the-shoulder but you can design the shirt however you’d like.
  • – Black pants, leggings, or shorts
  • – Pre-made pink crown: $2.99, Michael’s. I chose a pink crown to substitute for my lack of pink hair.
  • – Pink hairspray: $6.99, local Halloween store (optional)
  • – Black flats, Vans, or Converse
  • – Wand: designed just like Cosmo.

As for the wings, we found giant chenille pipe cleaners that was 6 ft long, so we made two loops for the each of us and pinned it on the back of our shirts with a safety pin.

Our last-minute fairly odd parents Halloween costume was a success. At the Halloween event, we were nominated for the costume contest and to our surprise, we won 2nd place and a $15 Red Mango gift card! So many people complimented our costumes and said it was very unique. I hope you enjoyed this quick, easy, and cheap version of Cosmo and Wanda. Have a happy Halloween!