Zoltar Speaks and Gypsy Halloween Costume Ideas:


BOX: Using duck tape, I taped together 3 boxes that I got from a clothing store at the mall (I just asked the manager and he was happy to give them to me). I spray painted the box with gold spray paint, taped a red piece of fabric to the back of the box and stapled on some trimming that I found on the clearance isle at Jo-Ann’s. I cut out the “Zoltar Speaks” sign, spray painted it, painted the letters on, and outlined them with silver puffy paint (same with the money and fortune section on the bottom of the box).

I also printed off some funny “fortunes” (some that I made up and some that I found on the horoscope section of The Onion’s website). To attach the box, we cut two slits in the back of the box and looped a belt into the box, through Jay’s belt loops, back out of the box, then buckled the belt (on the outside rear of the box).

CLOTHING: We found the vest, shirt and belt in the women’s section of Goodwill. We already had the pants and shoes on hand.

HAT: We wrapped a piece of gold fabric around a short, dark, curly wig (in case any hair came out it would look natural), pinned it, and added a blue feather from the craft store.

BALL: Basic foam ball from the craft store spray painted gold and sprinkled with glitter.

ACCESSORIES: Big gaudy cocktail rings, facial hair, sideburns, and big eyebrows completed the look. Also, I didn’t edit the red eye out of the pictures because I thought it added to the costume. ( :


CLOTHING: I already had the skirt, shoes and head scarf and I borrowed the shirt from a friend. I found the purple coin wrap at Goodwill for about $5

JEWELRY: Lots of coin jewelry, bells and bangle bracelets added a lot to the costume. I had it all on hand or borrowed it from a friend.

HAIR: Bought a long black wig at Party City and made a braid down the front.

MAKEUP: I wore fake eyelashes and added a little jewel (using eyelash glue) between my nose and eye.