For our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group costume, we made four different costumes, one for each of the turtles. For the dresses, you just need green and yellow fabric. Depending on which turtle you represent, you will need purple, orange, blue, or red fabric. For the belts, you will need brown fabric. Regular fabric made out of cotton will be fine.


1. Draw ovals on the yellow fabric. On the inside of the oval, draw one line down the middle vertically, and two lines horizontally.

2. Hot-glue the yellow oval onto the green fabric. You could also sew it on, but gluing it on would be easier and faster.

3. For sewing the actual dress, we did not do anything too fancy. Place the fabric around the person, making sure the yellow oval, the underside of the turtle, is front and centered, and then safety-pin the fabric so it is nice and tight.

4. Once the dress is off the model, just sew the fabric together, as close to the safety pins as possible.

5. The masks are very easy to make. Just cut a medium-sized strip, perhaps three fingers wide, and long enough to wrap around the model’s head. Cut holes for the eyes.

6. Supposing you picked Michaelangelo as your turtle, cut small strips of the orange fabric, long enough to just wrap around the model’s upper arm. The strips only need to be one to two fingers wide. Cut two of these.

7. For the boots, we chose to go with something bought at the store. Any boots that come to your knees will work.

8. For the shells, we bought those aluminum containers that are big enough to cook turkeys in. Spray paint them green. Using regular yellow paint, paint the contours of the shells. Cut two holes at the top, and two at the bottom. You will want to wear the shells as sort of backpacks. Use string of any color to make the straps.

9. For the weapons, they could probably be found at Party City, or any other costume shop. Depending on the turtle, you could get a staff, numchucks, sword, or sais (daggers).