I will start with the gingerbread man first. For his costume I bought tan colored felt at the fabric store, about 5 yards of it. I also bought the 8 1/2″ X 11″ colored felt sheets in purple and white and red. When I got all the material together I laid the tan felt flat on the floor and made my boyfriend lay on it and then drew around his body (like a cookie cutter).

Once I had the outline I cut 3 inches further out than the line all the way around. Then I cut the exact same shape out of the rest of the material. I sewed the edges of this together, all except the neck/head area. I cut down the back of it so that he could step into the costume. I attached buttons and a drawstring to keep the back shut.

The next step was the head. I printed out a picture of the gingerbread man from the movie Shrek and measured the ratio of the head to the shoulders. This translated to a 36″ diameter for head. Just like the body portion, I cut out two exact shapes and sewed them together leaving the neck portion open. I stuffed the head like a pillow sewing in fabric to make room for his head. I cut out the mouth and then hot glued on the colored shaped that you can see in the pictures.

Next, the Puss n Boots Costume. I bought fur at the fabric store and made a pair of shorts. Since I am not very good at sewing so I cut out the shape of the shorts and then used string to tie up the sides. This made it easier because I did not have to worry about an exact size. Next I made the tail (not seen in these pictures). I used the same fur fabric and wrapped it around (length-wise) a coat hanger. This enabled me to make the tail stay pointing upwards. I then connected the tail to the back of the shorts. I used some scrap fur to line the hood (hot glued). The rest of the stuff was bought at the costume store. I painted my face and was on my way.

Total cost of Gingy: $25.00
Total cost of Puss n Boots: $40.00