This is a costume I made for my 5 year old as the character “Russell” from the Disney Movie Up. I really didn’t invest much money on this costume since I used many things that we already had at home to create it.

Outfit: he wore a yellow polo and cargo shorts. He also wore his school uniform shoes but I changed the black shoes laces for orange ones. The yellow cap I borrowed from his smaller cousin because I wanted to look particularly tiny like the character had in the movie. The scarf and sash were made from very inexpensive fabric which neither of them needed sewing. I printed out the boy scouts buttons and hot glue them to the sash.

House: I used a file storage office box to make the house. I first cut out the bottom part of the box. I decorated the house with scraps of craft foam sheets for the walls and ice cream sticks for the fence. I printed the characters and mailbox and hot glue everything. For the roof I used the box’s lid as a base and gave it the triangular shape by adding scraps of card box and covering everything with more scraps of foam and textured colored card box sheets. We glued four stick on each corner from the bottom part of the box until the base of the roof. (I had to do this 24 hrs ahead to make sure it glued properly). I cut out four slits to attach the straps. I used blue foam sheet to cut out the  word “UP”.

And finally when my kid was ready to put the costume on we attached colored balloons filled with helium. Good luck..