Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and recently I got tired of buying the 80$ cheaply made costumes that barely covered my body. So I decided I wanted to craft them this year!  I knew I had to keep my boyfriend excited (last year he was a trooper and was Aladdin) haha so I wanted him to have fun too.

I spent so much time on these costumes. I ordered the gold and blue unitards off of amazon. For Jimmy I used sponges and paintbrushes to paint the leg with all the designs. For the sparkles up top I purchased a little kids mermaid costume, cut all the fins off and hand sewed them to the costume. (Time consuming, I know but I enjoyed it) For Chaz I cut different flames from fabric and used iron on paper to connect them. I cut tan fabric into the background shape and used string sequence to outline! I originally wanted to sew the flames on to the unitard but I ran out of time, but it worked perfectly just to Velcro it on so he could use the bathroom easily! Finally, I cut the top of the unitard and sewed a tan shirt (Walmart clearance Deer shirt 3$) to give it the nude effect Chaz has. So really it was a very inexpensive outfit and I had a blast making it.

I have long brown hair so to make it even more fun I added a short blonde wig, and a long brown wig for my boyfriend. It was definitely a hit!