I made this Towelie costume for my boyfriend the night we were going out dressed up, about 2 hours before we were going out. I was so excited to make it, but it ended up being a lot harder than I expected because of little things I hadn’t thought of, like how to keep the top of the costume about a foot over his head so he would be able to see out of the eyes. I have to say though, I was extremely impressed with myself once this was finished. I’ve seriously never seen a Towelie costume that looked as good, even store bought.

For the body of this I used a blue blanket folded in half and sewn shut on the top and side with a wooden dowel sewn in across the top. I had some unused wood pieces I used down the sides inside and one across the middle to give it kind of a frame. To attach the pieces of wood to each other I drilled a hole in the end of each and zip tied them together. I also drilled two holes in the piece going across the middle and put the hook part of a wire coat hanger through each and duct taped it. I bent each wire hanger down on both sides and that became the part that held the whole costume up from my boyfriend’s shoulders.

One side of each hanger went behind his neck duct taped together, and the other sides just pointed down his chest. I used spray adhesive to add the ribbon stripes to the top and bottom. The eyes, mouth, teeth, eyebrows and under eye marks are felt and then I added the red lines to his eyes and the lines between teeth with sharpies. The pupils in the eyes are made with black mesh material I got from a little girl’s tutu I bought for $2.99. The eyelids are just pieces of a blue washcloth, but felt could be used there too. When I was done assembling it I cut arm holes and he wore a white long sleeved shirt underneath and cartoon hand gloves we had from a previous Super Mario costume. Also, the smoking piece in the picture was purchased at a local head shop solely to be a costume accessory.

I had a couple mini meltdowns making this costume, wanted to just leave it and make him be something else at one point, but I’m so glad I finished it. He was really excited when he saw it done and everyone who saw it when we went out thought it was amazing. He posted a picture of it on Reddit and it made the front page within hours and on the photo site he posted it through it had 87,000 views. I don’t have a Reddit account, but I’ll admit I was psyched that something I made got that much positive attention. That costume made this Halloween one of the best so far.