This particular headless Bride halloween costume was inspired by an old wedding dress found in a vacated rental property.

I borrowed a backpack and some tent poles from my nephew. Next, I stuffed an old t-shirt with plastic grocery bags. You could use any kind of stuffing, these were handy and lightweight. Then I slid the t-shirt over the tent poles which tucked into the backpack.I used duct tape to strap everything into place. It may take a couple of trials, but you’ll want to make sure this is sturdy, so it’s worth the time. I used fake blood and a Styrofoam bowl to make the neck with the head cut off.

For the arms, I stuffed a pair of long gloves and pinned them inside the sleeves of the dress. I ripped the seam of the dress at the waist. The hole was just large enough to fit my head thru.

I had to wait until we arrived at the party to put on the costume, otherwise I couldn’t fit the top half of my body in the car. Once I was ready, with help, I strapped the backpack on my back (as you normally would), with the t-shirt sticking up straight. Then put on the dress, making certain that the shoulders of the t-shirt lined up with the shoulders of the dress.

This was one of my funnest costumes ever. I also got a lot of second looks.