My daughter and I put this costume together ourselves.  Items : 2 sets of fairy wings…peacock feathers…Hot glue gun…Hot glue…3 single tutus…mask…gems.

We hot glued the 3 tutus; which we picked up at Walmart for .99 each.  Then we cut off the straps of one of the fairy wings. We also purchased the fairy wings for .99 each at walmart.   We hot glued the feathers to the wings then hot glued it to the tutu.  We cut the other fairy wings in half, hot glued feathers to it then to the back of the shirt.  We cut strips in the sleeves and bottom of the shirt, hot glued feathers to it. I had her wear an underarmor shirt and leggings underneath everything to stay warm. It was a nice mother daughter project.  We both enjoyed it very much.  She got tons of compliments at school, trick or treating and on the pics I posted on Facebook.  She was definitely the prettiest peacock I have ever seen lol.