Cool Homemade Master Shake Costume

Homemade Master Shake Costume

Well my friends and I wanted to be Aqua Teen Hunger Force for obvious reasons, so we looked into buying the costumes. With Halloween being this weekend, most were out of stock. It would have cost about $50-60 for a Master Shake costume to be shipped in time, which I found to be way too … Read more

Coolest Homemade Powerpuff Girls Group Costume

Homemade Powerpuff Girls Group Costume

We’ve got a lot of questions regarding where we got the dresses and accessories for our Powerpuff Girls Group Costume, so we’ll start off with that: Pink and blue dress are from American Apparel. Green dress is from Urban outfitters. Belts are from miscellaneous stores. The socks were high socks cut around the ankles. The … Read more