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Scorched Earth Renekton Costume from League of Legends

So This Renekton costume maybe took me about 6 or 7 months to make. It’s 8 feet tall and not too heavy. I worked on it off and on because I have a full time job that takes up a lot of my life.

The whole Renekton costume is made up of EVA foam mats. You can find them at Walmart or Kmart or Sears or online. I cut out the shaped that I wanted heated them into the positions I wanted and glued them together with barge cement. The head moves with my head when I wear it. It connected to a puppet system of wires and a helmet on a piece of plywood and a TV mount I bought online.

At first I made the stilts out of wood but they were too heavy when I wore them to an event and one of them ended up snapping maybe 20 mins into the event. So I had to walk around on a foot and a half lol. I just repaired it by using super thick EVA foam and just stacked and glued them together on the foot pieces.

The part that proved to be the hardest with this Renekton costume was doing the lighting work. I’m horrible at soldering and electrical work so that took me at lease a month to figure that stuff out. Anyway here it is!

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