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Awesome Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume – You Can Do It!

My Rosie the Riveter Costume Idea came from the famous “We Can Do It!” WWII poster I have in my room. I also  love for pin-up style models!

I found key “Rosie” elements around the house and Thrift stores. It was surprising how easily this Rosie the Riveter costume came together (and for little $$ too!!) Also, it was really comfortable and it kept me warm outdoors.

Important pieces to the costume included the workman’s blue collared shirt, dark pants and the red bandanna. As far as the shirt went, I decided on a cheap blue collared shirt (it was on sale because it was “irregular”) and simply rolled up the sleeves a little bit and tucked the entire shirt in to these awesome pants I found at a Thrift store for 3 bucks! They were high waisted, navy blue sailor-ish style pants so they went perfectly with the look I was going for. I wore some old looking black boots to tie it all together.

Make-Up and Hair for the Rosie the Riveter Costume

The make-up and hair was my favorite part because it was reminiscent of that old 40s/50s look. I gave myself a little red lipgloss and some heavy, winged out black eyeliner. I curled my hair and pulled it up into a messy updo and secured a little pouf of hair in the front with bobby pins. After that, I took an old red bandanna, folded it a few times, and tied it around my hair.

I added some of my own personal touches to the Rosie the Riveter costume with the American flag pin and other old looking gold pins on the collar I borrowed from my boyfriend’s father. (Some of them were even boyscout pins!) Just to make sure people knew who I was, I used some blue and white construction paper to create a “Rosie” nametag that looked like it was stitched to my shirt and glued it on with hot glue. At the last minute, I clipped 2 small wrenches to my waist with a carabiner.

It was fun to play up the character by snapping to the easily recognizable Rosie pose (arm flexed up with a serious look on my face) every time I took a picture that night! Great alternative if you want to look cute on Halloween but don’t feel like showing a lot of skin. People definitely loved the Rosie the Riveter costume and the old pin-up style vibe it gave! I loved it cause I didn’t have to wear heels all night!!

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  1. love this!! i really want to be rosie the riveter for halloween, and i want to do it on a budget , too! i can’t stand the thought of spending so much money on a costume. thanks for these awesome ideas!


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