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Puss in Boots Toddler Costume Idea

My 4 year old granddaughter, Zoey, loves Puss in Boots so Mimi took on the challenge to create her the perfect costume.

I headed to the fabric store first and loaded up on fake fur and picked up some felt for the pirate hat and pleather to make her the famous boots for Puss.  The first challenge was to get my sewing machine to sew that thick fake fur!  What a challenge!  Once I made the Puss suit I went on to sewing the felt into a large pirate hat.  I as well added a large ostrich feather to place on it.  The boots were a challenge too.  I added purple satin ribbon to the top and decided to punch holes on the back of the pleather, wrap them around her little legs and use laces to tie them on.  She loved the makeup part!  It really brought her character out when she had all the make up on!  When then went to the local DMV to locate a belt and sword.  I just could not figure out how to make the actual sword so I did have to buy that part of the costume.

We brought her to a Halloween event last week call the Haunted Zoo.  Hundreds of children came out to our local zoo dressed up to enjoy the animals, play games and get plenty of candy.  Everyone young and old keep stopping us and complementing her costume.  A couple children thought she was the real Puss in Boots too!!  Just so much fun and Zoey felt very special!

She wants to wear her costume everyday now and we are all so very excited for Halloween to come in a couple of days so that she can show all the neighbors and her other friends.  Not sure if she will get tired of being Puss in Boots after Halloween but I do believe her parents will be happy if she gets it out of her system, it takes much time to get her all dressed up in It!

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