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The San Diegan Homemade Flintstones Family Costume

Growing up, my Ma made me and my brothers costumes by hand every year. I had my baby girl in January and couldn’t wait to flex my skills to honor my Angel Mama. Start simple, nothing too elaborate. Something primitive…BOOM! Flintstones – The San Diegan Flintstones family costume.

I started with felt, lots of it. Cool, measure baby girls using a onesie. Okay, felt doesn’t stretch as much as those organic cotton ones. Take two, perfect! Daddy’s, just make it big. Shapes are fun. Triangles for Fred. For Pebbles, let’s go with hearts.

Now for the hot glue gun. But for heavens sake, don’t get any on grandmas new granite! Use those boxes from the post office she has for just in case. Okay. Pearls! No, no, styrofoam balls on a wire. Oh yeah. Now how does she do that hair!? One thing for sure, it’s red. The baby’s too. Oh heck, it’ll wash out. Our curls will survive! Oh boy was our sink fed and that gray towel.

Lots of paper towels and baby wipes were wasted during styling. Now picture this, my hands are metallic red and coated with hair clay and there goes the baby crawling away! I can’t grab her. Yells for dad, who is grooming his facial hair despite being a caveman. Now she is a redhead. Now it has to dry before mommy puts on her dress. Put her in front of the fan. Now she’s singing into the fan. Love Her Spirit!

All dressed up with nowhere to go due to COVID, so, to grandmothers house we go! Big hit! Only costumes, safe Uncle D’s Fresh Prince. So we win! The baby gets lots of biscuit tethers and yogurt melts. Mommy just wants to go to the mall so people can gawk at our Flintstones family costume! But daddy says taco shop.

Good thing we didn’t go to the mall because as mommy is getting the food, baby is having meltdown! A pathetic morning nap and quick feelings between visiting have caught up to the baby Pebbles.

The San Diegan Flintstones are homebound. Baby fills up on milk. Bathtub crime scene and off to bed. An eventful and festive first Halloween ever!

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