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Easy Last-Minute Thug Life Costume

I run for the University of Mississippi and we had to dress up for practice this year! Winner with the best costume received a gift card. I happened to win the contest with my easy last-minute Thug Life Costume so that was pretty sweet considering I spent $0 on it!

I just borrowed some boxers, durag, and a snapback from a friend and the rest of the outfit I owned! Drew on two tear drops and wrote “thug life” on my nuckles! I also had one of my friends give me cornrows.

They funniest part was presenting myself to my team and all of the coaches! We had to walk out and play the role of our costume. I walked out “thugish” and ended with the duggie. My teammates and coaches thought it was hilarious and were almost on the ground laughing!


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  1. I thought wearing this costume would boil an entire culture down to a racist stereotype. And I was right: Turns out, I was representing the culture in a super inaccurate and unflattering way!


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