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Coolest Homemade Digimon Costume Idea for Halloween

My son wanted a Digimon costume. He wanted to dress up as Metalgreymon for Halloween parade in school. However I can not find any Metalgreymon costume. There is no pattern available either. So I decide to make him one myself for the first time.

I first made the head structure with cardboard then I patched with newspaper and then patched with paper Mache. I then painted it with orange. Then I constructed the Metalgreymon helmet and horns with cardboard again then patched with newspaper again. Once dry I sprayed with silver paint to make it look like metal. It took me two week to finish the head.

After the head was completed I went to Joann to get orange and grey felt fabric to construct the body. I measured my son’s length and width and sewed him a dinosaur costume with tail. Also based on the Digimon cartoon I made the front part with grey felt fabric and draw it with black permanent pen to make it look like mechanical part of Metalgreymon. Then I used some blue felt material to cut out three pairs of wings and sewed it to the back.

I also made a pair of gloves. I used Velcro and elastic and felt fabric to make the feet so my son can wear his shoes with the Metalgreymon feet attached to it in school. I then painted the whole costume with blue acrylic paint as the stripe. It took me about one week to finish the body costume. I spent three weeks altogether. It was quite some time but my son loves it. Every kid in school was amazed with his Digimon costume. It was well worth the time I have spent. I do not have any pattern for this costume. Everything was based on my imagination and the Metalgreymon figure from Digimon Cartoon series.

Total Spent: $35

Homemade Digimon Costume

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