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My daughter wanted to be WordGirl from PBS for Halloween, so we made her a WordGirl Costume including Captain Huggy Face. We used a yellow t-shirt under a scoop neck red unitard, and made a cape with orange and red satin. The head cover I ordered from a dance wear store to match the unitard.

The emblem on the front is just cut from craft foam and double stick taped to the unitard. The gold belt is from the thrift store with a buckle cover made of craft foam. The boot covers are just the bottom half of red tights. You can only use them once (because the get pretty beat up when you walk) but they worked for the night. The gloves are red fleece gloves for winter, and since we live up North this seemed to be a good choice once night fell.

Captain Huggy Face is one of those monkey with Velcro on the hands that you can put around your neck. I used fabric scraps to make his costume and used scraps of craft foam to make the emblem and belt. A silver pipe clean at the top finished it off. Our daughter was one of a kind!

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  1. I’m 12, and, gotta admit, I watch WordGirl now and again. It’s crazy how hard some of Bo Handome’s words can be. Once my little sister, (6) told my mom she was crestfallen!

  2. My daughter is turning 6 this October and wants to be Word Girl this Halloween. So I was happy to see your costume picture on here. Wish me luck with my attempt. :-)


  3. Thanks so much for posting the photo and advice! I’m starting to gather items to put my 6-year-old daughter’s Word Girl costume together. I’ve found the unitard online but can’t find the matching red head cover. Do you have a link or brand/description so I can find it? By the way, my 2 year old daughter is going to be Captain Huggy Face so if anyone has any tips on that costume, I’ll be looking for those items next! Thanks again! :)

  4. Great creativity! You did a great job!!! I am contemplating making a costume, too. You’ve solved many of my problems…like boot covers! Thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing this! My 8 year old daughter wants to be Word Girl for Halloween, and yours is the inspiration I needed! The only difference ours will have – and it may be helpful to the one looking for the head dress – is we’re using a short, dark wig, with a kerchief/headband sort of fabric to match. Either way, I’d be curious to hear where one gets that head cover in your original creation. Did you post an answer? Thanks again! Very creative!

  6. I’m going to be making a Word Girl costume this year. I have a 2 yr old boy that I was going to make capt Huggy face but a stuffed monkey might be better.
    Came out great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fabulous job with the word girl costume.
    My daughter, Daniella, who is 4 is also
    looking to be word girl this year.
    Do you have a site you can recommend for the unitard and head gear?? Please pass the
    WORD along!

  8. Can’t find the unitard anywhere. Maybe I’m no good at searching, but gheesh! My girl would look great as Word Girl aka Becky Botsford, but we just can’t locate the unitard. Suggestions, please?

  9. I’ve got a 5 year old who wants to be Wordgirl but with a broken arm and lack of creative skills I’m a little challenged in the homemade costume department. Any chance you are willing to sell this now that your daughter has grown out of it?

  10. I’m making my granddaughter a WordGirl costume for Halloween this year and we are using a red turtle neck shirt and a pair of red sweat pants. As far as the head cover goes my daughter got that from NASCAR through Marlboro. She and her husband were invited out to Michigan International Speedway a couple of years ago and were invited to take a ride in one of the race cars and they were given red hood type things. So I will incorporate that into the costume. I am appliqueing the emblem on the red turtle neck with yellow and red fabric and will make the cape. As far as shoe covers go, I will use some of the red fabric from the emblem and just make a cover for the shoes that will stay on with elastic around the ankle. They will just cover the tops of the shoes. I will make Capt. Huggy Face from a Curious George stuffed monkey that she has.

  11. I am 9 years old and u have admit that wordgirl is awesome! And I learn a lot of words on word girl. I wasnt able 2 B wordgirl 4 Halloween but I would have.

  12. Awesome! Thanks for the great ideas. I had not wasn’t sure what to use for the boot covers. I am going to try your idea of tights or possibly soccer socks.

  13. Great Costume! And it’s homemade! It looks just like me! You are awesome! Is that monkey doll cumbersome?

    WORD UP!!!

    Love, Wordgirl

  14. My daughter will be WordGirl this year for Halloween. She’s 10, and made the costume herself! using her red warmup suit and gold belt. All I had to buy was a pair of dark brown boots and gloves, a red winter hat and for the cape I purchased a dark yellow tshirt. All from Walmart. I found this costume easy and cool weather friendly.

  15. i love word girl i wish i can have that suit! can yoy make one for me. can you make me a 4 foot 9 and a 1/2 please?

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